Why GTG Beach Volleyball
For Athelete

  • Our staff will help you to immediately improve your skills by using scientific principles
  • Our staff will come to you wherever you are. As long as we get 29 more of your friends to attend!!!
  • Our staff will answer the "why" to your questions
  • For beginner to intermediate level athletes we will provide you with a foundation of sound fundamentals in Beach Volleyball in just a few days
  • Our staff will provide you with high quality coaching feedback so you can build on what you have learned from our clinics , instantly getting better!
  • For advanced athletes our staff will teach you how to analyze your game and to coach yourself. We will also spend time teaching you how to scout future opponents.
  • Our staff has the experience to take any level athlete from the high school level to the college level and and provide them with a developmental plan to get to the next level. If you have the determination, we can show you how to eventually become a Professional Beach Volleyball athlete if that is your final goal!

For Coach

  • Our Coaching Clinics are designed specifically for the level of your coaching staff. Prior to arriving we will send out a questionnaire to find out more about your staffs coaching experience and design our clinic to touch on various levels if needed. 
  • Our Coaching Clinics are for Club, High School level coaches, College Coaches, and for coaches that want to coach professionally
  • Our Coaching Clinics will focus on:
    • scientific principles for teaching Beach Volleyball fundamentals
    • motor learning 
    • movement efficiency in the sand
    • developing your coaching philosophy
    • Designing daily and seasonal practices 
    • analyzing your program and how to pair your athletes
    • How to design drills to accomplish what you need to accomplish
    • and much, much more!