What does levels 1,2,3 mean?
Level 1 is considered beginner level to 1 year of experience. Level 2 is considered intermediate level, typically high school, club, and first year college Beach Volleyball athletes fall into this category. Level 3 Beach Volleyball athletes are seasoned college players looking to take the next step to become a Professional Beach Volleyball athlete.

How do we register for clinics?
Please download our GTG Beach Volleyball APP off our website or from the APP Store on your IOS or Android device and follow registration instructions.

Do you require a minimum number of athletes to host a clinic?
Yes, we require at least 30 athletes for our staff to come on location. We can run clinics for less than 30 athletes however, there will be prorated increases in cost per athlete by $50-$75 dollars.

Do you require the host coaching staff to be present at each clinic session?
Yes, and you can decide how involved you want your coaching staff to be. We feel it is important that educating your staff with our teaching cues will help to reinforce future development with your athletes. You can also schedule a coaching clinic for your staff and we can incorporate your staff’s training along side the clinic for your athletes!

Do you want court assignments organized before camp begins?
This is optimal. You know your athletes best. We would prefer to not spend time evaluating and dividing up the athletes on the first morning. The most effective camps have the athletes split up and ready to go. This typically involves a frosh, JV and varsity court.

What will you cover during your two-day clinics for athletes?
Click here.

What will you cover during your two-day clinics for coaches?
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Is it possible to modify the clinic schedule?
For our athlete clinics we can offer alacart sessions. Please go to our APP to see offered options.

How does providing room/board for your staff work?
Typically, we will schedule our own accommodations unless there are no hotels/motels within a 10 min drive of the host facility. If this is the case, we will discuss host families.

What is your cancellation policy for your clinics?